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Mill Farm

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Over 12 months after Mill Farm Ventures Ltd have announced their plans to develop the Mill Farm site, they have finally put some of their plans on a website for the public to see.

Unfortunately we do not believe this website makes it clear what the exact plans for the development are and that it  contains inconsistencies. Why has it taken them so long to get the website live?

The website seems to us to be based on the development opportunities and its commercial potential and very little about the community benefits and sporting facilities available here which we find very disappointing.

Some inconsistencies include: -
The website states Mill Farm will have: -
1 x Full size 3g pitch
1 x full size hockey pitch,
2 x 7 aside football pitched and
4 x 5 aside football pitches with
Purpose built changing facilities

The masterplan shows Mill Farm will have:-
1 x Full size 3g pitch
1 x multi use artificial pitch,
6 x 5 aside football pitches with
Purpose built changing facilities.

Can Mill Farm Ventures clarify exactly what is getting built and have some consistency between the drawings and plans on the website?

The website claims “Sports Science Facility – A key part of the Sports Village concept is to provide a range of sporting and education facilities for the local community. This will consist of one large clear span sports hall for multi-sport use.”

The masterplan shows this replaced with an overflow car park. Are there going to be any community / education facilities at Mill Farm?

The website states Peak hourly vehicle movements are 2,090. Which is more than a car every 2 seconds, yet no mention on the website is made to road safety improvements and how the development will manage the safety of users crossing the road to get to the development and how this will impact on traffic.

Overall we think the website does not cover all the questions that some local businesses and residents have been asking about this scheme and we would welcome them to expand further on some of the issues raised above.

Mill Farm

We urge Fylde Borough Council to reject the planning application for Mill Farm, Wesham (planning application 13/0655) in the Planning Development Meeting on 4th June 2014 for the following reasons: -

Limited community facilities.
The original proposed sports and science building has now been replaced by an overflow car park. Therefore limiting the community benefit of the proposed development

Number of Car Parking spaces have increased 3 fold since in original plan was released.
Car parking has increased from 353 spaces to 1048. Whereas no extra cycling spaces at all, therefore promoting car usage.

Limited creation of new Jobs

The loss of the sports science facility is likely to decrease the number of available jobs to be created. The likelihood is that some of the jobs will be relocated from other areas of the Fylde ie the jobs at Trilanco and AFC Fylde .

Potential Increased traffic and congestion
Especially now with a bus stop in the road and 2 toucan crossing on a busy main road potentially causing further backlogs.

Excessive noise, air  and light pollution in a rural area.
Crowd noise, vehicle emissions and floodlights are all detrimental to the local area

The ecology reports of the surrounding area have not been completed yet

Visually the development is not in keeping with the surrounding area.

Lancashire County Council has identified the site as having LOW ACCESSIBILITY.

The proposed Land Allocation in the Fylde Local Plan to 2030 is for 4 hectare of the site to be developed the Mill Farm proposal is for 12 hectare.

Considering all the reasons above it is requested that members of the planning committee refuse the application.

Save Wesham and Kirkham (SWAK)
We are a group of concerned business people and residents of Kirkham and Wesham who are fighting against the proposed development of Fylde Sports and Science Park a retail, leisure and commercial park which has been submitted by Mill Farm Ventures Ltd at Mill Farm on the A585 at Wesham.

This industrial development could lead to the destruction of beautiful countryside and woodland, extend the size of Wesham by 1/2 mile and bring increased traffic levels to an already busy dangerous main road.

Recent Developments - 28.5.2014

In the latest application the sports science building has disappeared from the planning development, to be replaced by more car parking. Therefore less jobs being created and less community facilities.

Fylde Borough Council sent out notification letters dated 7 May but the actual information and documentation relating to the changes to the planning application weren't published on the FBC Planning Application website until 15th and some on the 19th May. This means that some people have not been allowed the full 21 day consultation period and we believe that even local Parish Councils and other relevant organisations have not had time to consider the changes or send in their recommendations to the Planning Officer.

The last press release in the Lytham St Annes Express (16/5/2014) and the AFC Fylde website still make reference to the 'Sports Science' facility being part of the plans. Based on the latest plans submitted this is totally out of date and we feel misleading to the general public who may be led to believe by this that Mill Farm Ventures Ltd are still proposing to include the Sports and Science facility which they are not.

2 toucan crossings and 2 bus stops added to the main road, leading to potentially more traffic disruption and delays on the already massively busy A585.

Mill Farm Ventures Ltd have released some 'independent research' into the press claiming the local public are in favour of this development. This research was done before the latest plans were made public and therefore we believe they are irrelevant.

The Mill Farm planning development is likely to be heard by Fylde Borough Council on Wednesday 4th June. We do not know why this date has not been put back to allow for further consultation now that the plans have been changed dramatically.

Act Now - Fylde Local Plan to 2030
Latest News

3-4-2014 Lancashire County Council Ecology Department have raised several concerns regarding the Ecological and Environmental impact including the effect on local wildlife including birds, badgers, bats, toads and newts.
26-3-2014 Preston City Council state that a town centre location would be preferable for several of the proposed uses
20-1-2014 Greenhalgh-with-Thistleton Parish Council have strongly objected to the application.
22-11-2013 Medlar with Wesham Town Council have raised some observations about the proposal
10-2-2014 The Highways Agency have recommended objection for a "specified period"
4-12-2013 Kirkham Town Council have made objections to the application
9-12-2013 Weeton-with-Preese Parish Council are strongly opposed to this proposal.
23-12-2013 Lytham St Annes Cycle Group has raised an objection to the application
7-1-2014 Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) have objected to the application
Raise an objection to Fylde Local Plan to 2030
13-12-2013 Notes from the public meeting - Friday 13th December 2013
9-12-2013 Weeton-with-Preese Parish Council have objected to the application
14-12-2013 There was problems at the latest AFC Fylde home match on Saturday 14th December 2013
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Some example planning objection letters now on our Letters page
5-12-2013 Sport England have objected to the Application
3-12-2013 The Highways Agency have not granted approval of the application
29-11-2013 - The Environment Agency have recommended refusal of the planning application

Map of Kirkham

Planning Map

Aerial Video of the planned development land

Do you really want to see our countryside developed into:

We feel that at present Mill Farm Ventures Ltd has made no real effort to connect with local people and discuss this development with people that will be affected by the proposals. In fact we are second choice for this development after Wrea Green. The Wrea Green development was significently smaller than this and they overwhelmingly voted against it, we definitely do not want it here.

What’s wrong with the development?

There are many reasons why we consider a development of this size, on this site, at the main gateway to Kirkham and Wesham would be a disaster for our towns.


Typical nightly traffic on the A585. Any development will increase traffic levels leading to more delays.

The A585 is the only road from Junction 3 M55 to Wesham, Kirkham, Wrea Green Lytham and St Annes. Match day traffic, parking on this road or a traffic incident will severely inconvienience thousands of people.

This road is a danger for local children and residents to get across to get to the new facilities. any traffic calming measures ie pedestrian crossing, pelican crossing or traffic lights will lead to more congestion.

Planning Application Masterplan

Outline Planning Permission Letter from Fylde Borough Council.

Click here for full planning application

The Masterplan

“I have seen the area suggested. It’s far too big for the area. We have continued to fight out of town developments. Anything that will take people away from the Wesham high street and Kirkham high street I will fight to prevent happening.”

Elaine Silverwood


We are concerned that the proposed development of Mill Farm into a retail and industrial park will have a number of undesirable consequences and we are pleading for your help in stopping it.

If you support our campaign, what can you do to help?

Object to Fylde Local Plan to 2030

The land at Mill Farm is subject to the proposed Fylde Local Plan to 2030 being adopted.

Basically the Local Plan is a development strategy that sets out how the Council would like the Borough to look in 2030.

Currently Fylde's new draft Local Plan is being updated, if you write to the council objecting to the land allocation this may help stop this and other developments.

Example Letter More on the Fylde Local Plan to 2030
Written objections to the allocation should be made to;
Julie Glaister, Head of Planning Policy
Fylde Borough Council, Planning Department
Public Offices
Clifton Drive
St Annes
Or, email

You can object to the Planning Application by: -

  • Writing to your MP
  • Writing to Fylde Borough Council
  • Writing to your local councillor
  • Spread the word of our campaign via Social Networks (Facebook and Twitter)
  • Distribute flyers or leaflet
  • Let AFC Fylde know you don't approve of their plans
  • Write to the local paper

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