Letters Of Complaint

If you support our approach and opinions on this subject you can assist us by writing to or emailing influential people, Councillors, MP's, Fylde Borough Council to register your disagreement with these proposals.

In all correspondance please use Reference 13/0655

Here are some planning objection letters demonstrating some individuals’ opinions that have already been written to the relevant bodies.

Objection Letter - General
Objection Letter - Planning Policies
Objection Letter - Retail
Objection Letter - Transport Assesment
Chief Executive Fylde Borough Council
Mark Menzies MP re Environment Agency
Mark Menzies MP re Traffic

People who are opposed to the application can also write in to the Planning Policy Section of Fylde Borough Council to object to the land allocation in the local plan to 2030. The proposed allocation Policy SL4 (site E4) in the 2030 plan is a big part of the applicants proposal.

Standardised or templated letters will generally be ignored or will carry less weight than individual letters that are written from your viewpoint. Here are some arguments to you can use in your letters and emails.

List of people to contact

Points to consider when writing your letters of objection

Arguments to use it your letters of objection

The proposal does not comply with the current, adopted Fylde Borough Local Plan (as altered October 2005).

The site
The proposal is NOT within the limits of development of Kirkham/Wesham

The site is in allocated countryside.

The site is not allocated as a Business/Industrial area.

The development not in keeping with the distinct landscape character of the locality.

Planning policy states sports and recreational facilities should be provided within settlements. This site is in allocated countryside.

There could be a significant, prejudicial impact on the character and appearance of the countryside, the design and layout is not acceptable in this location, it would be harmful to the amenities of adjacent or nearby dwellings.

Traffic  / Transport
Where are the proposed crossing facilities if everyone is supposed to be walking or cycling here?

Already unacceptable levels of traffic on the A585 especially at peak times. Any further development could lead to traffic/highway danger.

The application site is approximately a mile from the railway station. There is no direct rail link to the site. There are not sufficient bus services from Kirkham town centre to the site.

The site is supposed to be accessible for all ages, if for children, then how/where do they cross this very busy road either on foot or by bike?

Noise issues associated with a number of football pitches and increased number of motor vehicles along this stretch of road.

Air Pollution concerns due to excessive additional vehicle numbers on this stretch of single lane road in a dip, possibly causing additional build up of exhaust fumes in the area, to detriment of local residents

Excessive surface water run off could occur as currently land is fields. The proposal would see almost all the site covered in hard surfaced materials

Wildlife in woodland, ponds and surrounding areas they could be destroyed by the tree felling or disrupted by the light and noise pollution.

Light pollution - likely to be detrimental from a visual point of view and also in respect of it being damaging to the associated flora/fauna and any protected species at or near to the site.

The proposed stadium is considered to be visually detrimental to Wesham residents as a stadium of such size is considered to be both overly dominant and oppressive.

Proposal is for the development of a total area of circa 12.6 Hectares. Currently open countryside, pleasant fields/outlook. The proposal will see the development of some buildings of considerable size and, even where there are no buildings as such – sports pitches with what we consider to be excessive levels of lighting. The central access road through the site will also be illuminated.

Planting should NOT be proposed merely to screen a development, if the development is contrary to policy in the first place.

Planning Policies states that we should protect and enhance public rights of way and access. The proposal seeks to re-direct two public footpaths that currently traverse the site.
National Planning policy states we should “contribute to conserving and enhancing the natural environment and reducing pollution”

National Planning policy states we should “actively manage patterns of growth to make the fullest possible use of public transport, walking and cycling, and focus significant development in locations which are or can be made sustainable”.

National Planning policy states we should “take account of the different roles and character of different areas, promoting the vitality of our main urban areas, recognising the intrinsic character and beauty of the countryside and supporting thriving rural communities within it”.

Use by schools
Carr Hill and Kirkham Grammar school both have developed sports facilities at their schools, which suit their current needs. They will be more willing to use these than to travel to an out of town facility for a class. So limited benefits for pupils in the are.

Impact on Wesham / Kirkham
Planning policies refer to such new, large retail development, being located within existing town centres. This application site is in allocated countryside.

The development is contrary to planning policy as not in keeping with the distinct landscape character of the locality

Why is there a need for a 6,000 seat stadium when a normal gate for this team is around 300?

This development could lead to an increase on the dependence on the use of the motor car.
The proposal to include new retail elements to the area here (being contrary to Policies SH13 and 14 of the existing, adopted local plan) is considered that it will have a detrimental impact on the vitality and viability of retail provision in Kirkham. As a hot food drive through/restaurant is also proposed, it is likely that that will draw persons away from Kirkham, who will then avail themselves of retail opportunities out of the town. The Mary Portas town centre retail shopping initiatives and general advice in respect of retailing, is that such facilities/outlets should be retained in existing town centres to prevent our town centres falling in to decline.

Local Plan and National Planning Policy Framework
The Fylde Borough Local Plan to 2030 is not an adopted local plan as yet. There is still further public consultation to be carried out. The proposed policies and land allocations within it could alter to those currently identified in the Preferred Options document.

The use of the land for employment related uses, would, in the conventional sense, create more jobs per square metre if it were to be for traditional employment/industrial uses. We consider that the use of the majority of the overall site – for football related uses would NOT assist in job creation in any great way. The land take for the amount of football pitches and related uses, would lead to a far less intensive use of the land, in terms of potential jobs created (per site area), than traditional forms of employment. This seems counter-productive to the main, proposed land allocation/use.

Section 2 of the National Planning Policy Framework deals with advice in respect of, “Ensuring the vitality of town centres”. It is noted that the needs for retail, leisure, office and other main town centre uses are met in full and are not compromised by limited site availability.

Section 11 of the National Planning Policy Framework deals with Conserving and enhancing the natural environment. Paragraph 109 deals with protecting and enhancing valued landscapes, minimising impacts on biodiversity and providing net gains in biodiversity. Paragraph 111 reaffirms the government commitment to encourage the re-use of land that has been previously developed (brownfield land).


We are concerned that the proposed development of Mill Farm into a retail and industrial park will have a number of undesirable consequences and we are pleading for your help in stopping it.

What can you do to help?

  • Write to your MP
  • Write to Fylde Borough Council
  • Write to your local councillor
  • Spread the word of our campaign via Social Networks (Facebook and Twitter)
  • Distribute flyers or leaflet
  • Let AFC Fylde know you don't approve of their plans
  • Write to the local paper
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