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If you know of any events or meetings planned regarding the Mill Farm Development or if you have any news about the development, please let us know here. Please email info@saveweshamandkirkham.co.uk or fill out the contact form below.

Check back on this page regularly to be kept informed of the latest news and events

Latest News
Greenhalgh-with-Thistleton Parish Council have strongly objected to the application.
Medlar with Wesham Town Council have raised some observations about the proposal
The Highways Agency have recommended objection for a "specified period"
Kirkham Town Council have made objections to the application
Weeton-with-Presse Parish Council are strongly opposed to this proposal.
Lytham St Annes Cycle Group has raised an objection to the application
Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) have objected to the application
Raise an objection to Fylde Local Plan to 2030
Notes from the public meeting - Friday 13th December 2013
Weeton-with-Preese Parish Council
have objected to the application
There was problems at the latest AFC Fylde home match on Saturday 14th December 2013
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Some example planning objection letters now on our Letters page
Sport England have objected to the Application
The Highways Agency have not granted approval of the application
The Environment Agency have recommended refusal of the planning application

We are concerned that the proposed development of Mill Farm into a retail and industrial park will have a number of undesirable consequences and we are pleading for your help in stopping it.

What can you do to help?

  • Write to your MP
  • Write to Fylde Borough Council
  • Write to your local councillor
  • Spread the word of our campaign via Social Networks (Facebook and Twitter)
  • Distribute flyers or leaflet
  • Let AFC Fylde know you don't approve of their plans
  • Write to the local paper
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